Iraq Master List Report 123, August - September 2021

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Note: The previous Master List round (122) covered a three-month period between May and July 2021. This round (123) covered the two months between August and September 2021. As such, comparative analysis related to data from this round and the previous rounds should be observed bearing in mind the different lengths of reporting periods.


Data collection for Round 123 took place between 1 August and 30 September 2021. As of 30 September 2021, DTM identified 4,939,074 returnees (823,179) households), dispersed across 8 governorates, 38 districts, and 2,171 locations in Iraq. A total of 54,462 new returnees were recorded between August and September 2021. This is higher than the number of new returnees recorded in the May-July 2021 period (17,562), despite that round covering a longer period. However, this increase is mainly due to the DTM data collection teams assessing some locations in Anbar governorate that had previously been inaccessible. The most common governorates that new returnees arrived to in the August-September 2021 period include Anbar (29,808), Salah al-Din (16,110), Erbil (5,430), and Ninewa (2,136).

Additionally, between August and September 2021, DTM identified a total of 1,189,581 IDPs (204,344 households), dispersed across 18 governorates, 105 districts, and 2,842 locations. This represents an overall decrease of 1,889 IDP individuals since the May-July 2021 period. This is a smaller decrease than what was recorded in the May-July 2021 period (7,470), as well as between March and April 2021 (6,827). Regarding IDPs’ area of origin, consistent with the previous round, 56 per cent of the current caseload of IDPs come from Ninewa governorate (669,133), especially from the districts of Mosul (248,603), Sinjar (194,214), and Al-Ba’aj (92,957). The next highest shares of IDPs come from the governorates of Salah al-Din (140,058; 12% of the total caseload), Anbar (134,686; 11%), Kirkuk (75,922; 6%), and Diyala (71,972; 6%).