Iraq Market Monitor Report, Issue No. 29: March 2020 [EN/AR]

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COVID-19 began to disrupt the market supply chain in Iraq. Price hikes are expected in April. 17 of 18 governorates reported price increases in food items, 9 in hygiene items while 3 reported increases in fuel prices. Significant increases in prices were observed during the last two weeks of March.

The highest impact was recorded in Diyala, where 18 commodity prices surged, including food (12), hygiene (four) and fuel (2) items. Duhok and Wassit governorates also experienced month-to-month price increases for 17 commodities, and in Ninewa, 14 commodities.

Sugar prices witnessed a 100% increase in Erbil. Potato prices increased in Ninewa by 88% and in Wassit by 50%. Egg prices increased in Salah al-Din by 48%.

Over February-March, the unskilled wage rate declined in Diyala (13%) and Wassit (5%).