Iraq: LIFE tackles Al-Qaim emergency

News and Press Release
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As bullets flew through the dark streets of the Anbar Province in mid-May, thousands of Iraqi people fled on foot to the nearby cities of Haditha, Rawa, A'ana and Akashat, finding shelter in soccer stadiums, streets and the open desert.

These refugees, after fleeing the escalating violence in Al-Qaim and the nearby villages along the Euphrates River, were in need of essential survival items like water and shelter. In an effort to answer the call of the disenfranchised, LIFE for Relief and Development, along with Muslim Hands, Islamic Relief, Al Nahrain and LIFE Canada, provided the people of Al Qaim, Hussaibah, and Al Obaidi in western Iraq with the necessary relief supplies.

The aid caravan was launched from Baghdad on May 16, 2005 and lasted for three days and was coordinated with the staff of the local hospitals. The caravan managed to distribute 50 water tanks, 400 gas cookers, 500 lanterns, 7 pallets of medicine, 3 trucks of first aid items, 5 tons of flour, 3 tons of sugar, 378 cartons of food and 1000 water containers.

Also, LIFE delivered 90 tents, blankets, 750 liters of water, 25 cartons of medical supplies, 250 small water containers, and various food items to Al-Ghabaat province on behalf of the Islamic Relief and the Human Aid organization. The distribution was coordinated with the Al-Khair Agricultural Association.

These distributions would not have been possible without the generous contributions of LIFE donors who answered the emergency appeal and helped relieve the suffering of thousands in Iraq.