Iraq: Latest news from ICRC staff in the field, 22 Mar 2003

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22 March 2003 - Field reports from Baghdad, Northern Iraq (Erbil), and Kuwait
  • Bombardments of Friday night were much heavier than previous nights.

  • There are people and traffic in the streets of the capital.

  • ICRC contact with the authorities continues.

  • ICRC visits to Al Yarmouk General Teaching Hospital saw about 100 wounded, including about 20 women. The ICRC cannot say under what circumstances they were wounded, or whether they are civilians or military personnel. The ICRC has delivered surgical materials to the hospital.

  • The ICRC is checking the situation in other hospitals, including Al Kindi.

  • ICRC warehouse staff are ensuring that surgical materials are ready for immediate delivery to hospitals in need. ICRC Baghdad has considerable stocks of surgical materials for the treatment of the wounded.

  • The ICRC is currently completing the installation of a water purification unit at the Medical City General Hospital, and is monitoring the water situation.
Erbil, northern Iraq
  • The situation is generally quiet. Social services are working normally.

  • There is still some movement of Internally Displaced Persons, but apparently not substantial. The ICRC aims primarily to assist the most vulnerable IDPs, including those who have fled government-controlled areas to Diyana, northeast of Erbil. Yesterday, the ICRC assisted about 600 people in this area.

  • Local authorities are currently setting up about 100 tents in Diyana to receive new arrivals.

  • Local authorities tell the ICRC that they have registered 22,350 IDPs in Penjwin on the Iranian border.
  • The ICRC has made contact with 'coalition' forces to discuss the issue of POWs. No access to prisoners has yet been possible.
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