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Iraq Inter-Agency Operational Update – Syrian Refugees in Iraq, September 2015

Situation Report
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In the reporting period:

  • A total of 4,609 Syrian individuals entered the KR-I through Peshkhabour border in September, compared to 5,379 in August. The majority of new arrivals have family links in urban areas in the KR-I and are families of Kurdish ethnicity arriving from Al Hassakeh Province, Kobani, Al Raqqa and Aleppo sub-Provinces. A total of 2,470 Syrians returned to Syria through the Peshkhabour border down from the figure of 3,833 in August, a significant decrease of 35%.

  • For the “MY TOY YOUR SMILE” campaign, 6,109 toys collected by ZARO TV were delivered with the support of UNHCR to partners (Qandil, INTERSOS, TdH, SCI, DRC, Triangle, and ACTED) in order to distribute them to refugee children in Basirma, Darashakran and Qushtapa camps, Erbil Governorate, in addition to a number of non-camp locations around Erbil.

  • In Dohuk Governorate, the vast majority of the protection counselling sessions have covered families intending to leave KR-I and proceed towards Europe upon obtaining Syrian passports, facilitated by a non-profit organization in Dohuk. Reportedly, more than 800 passports have been granted to Syrian nationals in Dohuk since mid-August. Passports are said to be recognized by KRI and Turkish authorities, allowing for legal crossings into European countries.