Iraq: iMMAP-IHF Humanitarian Access Response: Weekly Explosive Incidents Flash News (1 - 13 November 2019)

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Ninewa Governorate

Uncategorized Armed Group 8 Nov. 2019

Launched 4 missiles outside the Qayyara military base. The security forces replied to the terrorists and killed 3 of them and cleared 3 missiles in the shelling source location. Also, they took over a vehicle carried missiles platform near Qayyara military base.

Uncategorized Armed Group 9 Nov. 2019

Exploded an IED on a transporting vehicle and injured 3 civilians in Qaraj village southeast of Mosul.

Uncategorized Armed Group 9 Nov. 2019

Exploded an IED on Iraqi Military patrol in the entrance of Telafar district, the explosion injured 3 civilians.

Security Forces 12 Nov. 2019

Carried out an operation in Badush mountains, the security forces were able to kill 3 ISIS members inside a tunnel. Also, they found a significant amount of foods, medicines, IEDs, explosive belts, and Kalashnikov machineguns.

Kirkuk Governorate

ISIS 7 Nov. 2019

Attacked farmers while they plowed agricultural land in the village of Sahl in Abbasi subdistrict without any casualties, worth to mention that the security forces and local civilians repelled the attack.

Joint Security Forces 7 Nov. 2019

They were able to clear 13 IEDs during an operation in Tawil’a village in Riyadh subdistrict.

Uncategorized Armed Group 10 Nov. 2019

Exploded an IED on the Italian special team and injured 5 soldiers near Kirkuk city.

Joint Security Forces & Popular Mobilization Forces 12 Nov. 2019

Conducted a search operation in Um Al-Edham area near Al-Qasr Al-Ula village in Riyadh subdistrict of Hawiga district. The operation resulted in the killing of a senior terrorist leader and 2 members.

Uncategorized Armed Group 12 Nov. 2019

Exploded an IED in an area in the Rashad sector, the explosion killed a Federal Police Forces member.

Federal Police Forces 13 Nov. 2019

Conducted a search operation and found a weapon stack contained 11 cannon shells caliber 122mm changed to IEDs in the Hasar area in Altun Kupri subdistrict.