Iraq IDP Information Centre Report, Ninewa Monthly Summary, February 2017

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Of the 4,415 calls made to the Iraq Internally Displaced Persons Information Centre (Iraq IIC) during this reporting period of February 2017, 54% of calls were made from in-camp and out-of-camp locations in Ninewa, ranking Ninewa as the top caller location for the second consecutive month.

Of the Ninewa calls, 23% were made from women and 3% were made from children under the age of 18 years of age. During this reporting period, operators referred 9% of callers from Ninewa to partner hotline numbers and the Iraq IIC forwarded 100% of complaints and feedback to partners within 24 hours. A post-call satisfaction survey conducted by the Iraq IIC during this reporting period showed a 97% satisfaction rate with the call centre’s operations.

Top concerns in Ninewa during February were food assistance (22%), Government-related services (17%), cash (15%) and shelter/non-food items (NFIs) (15%). In line with trends reported in 2016, top priorities for cash were health (37%), shelter/NFIs (28%), and food (26%). Requests for health assistance largely related to chronic diseases and tertiary healthcare needs.

Calls made from camps locations in Ninewa accounted for 42% of total calls from Ninewa.
Accounting for 90% of total calls from camps in Ninewa, the top four in-camp caller locations during February were Qayarrah Jad’ah (33%), Hasansham U3 (21%), Khazer M1 (19%), and Hasansham M2 (17%). Calls from out-of-camp locations in Ninewa accounted for 58% of calls from Ninewa in February. Of callers seeking information on returning to Eastern Mosul, security situation updates were a main concern.

In February, priority issues for women calling from Ninewa were food (22%), cash assistance (20%), and Government-related services (16%), such as salaries, Ministry of Displacement and Migration (MoDM) cash grants, and compensation for damaged assets. Priority issues for children under the age of 18 in Ninewa were protection (22%), food (15%), Government (15%), shelter/NFIs (15%), CCCM (10%), and health (10%).

During this reporting period, the Iraq IIC continued to receive reports of irregularities during distributions and mistreatment of IDPs in camps. These reports were shared with partners for follow up.
Requests for United Nations (UN) and MoDM cash assistance for food, health and shelter continued to feature prominently among Iraq IIC callers from Ninewa. All callers requesting MoDM cash grants for food in Khazer M1 were females.

For a second consecutive month, requests for legal assistance continued to be a top priority for callers from Ninewa, a decrease of 0.24% percentage points as compared to January. Of these callers, 48% requested information on documentation, while others sought information on how to reunite with missing family members, update Public Distribution (PDS) cards, and replace lost civil documentation.

The retrieval of confiscated IDs by IDPs seeking to return to their places of origin was a consistent caller request from almost all of the Ninewa IDP camp locations during the reporting period. These callers were provided with legal hotline numbers and given shared messaging on how to retrieve their documents from their local authority focal points in their place of origin. In tandem, many of these callers also sought information about the security situation in their area of origin.

One per cent (1%) of the total calls handled by the Iraq IIC for the month were caller requests from Ninewa IDP camps seeking information on paid and unpaid employment opportunities. Of these callers, 78% were male and 22% were female.

All callers from Qayarrah Airstrip requesting information on employment opportunities during the month under review were males between the ages of 18 and 45. For job seekers who agreed to share their information, the Iraq IIC forwarded their contact details to the Emergency Livelihoods cluster.

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