Iraq: Humanitarian Snapshot (as of 30 April 2019)


Heavy seasonal rains in Iraq and neighbouring countries during March/April 2019 caused flooding in several governorates in Iraq. Salah al-Din in central Iraq and Basra and Missan in the south reported the heaviest impact, with thousands of families temporarily displaced, residing with relatives or in municipal buildings. Sulaymaniyah reported limited displacement, but substantial damage to infrastructure, and flooded agricultural areas. The flooding in the southern governorates was somewhat anticipated, as many of the affected families are residing in low-lying marshland areas, in non-compliance of local laws. These areas are subject to annual inundations during Iraq’s rainy season; however, the floods were heavier in 2019 than in years past.

Most of the displaced have returned home, but several water treatment plants are offline throughout the country as a result of the floods, disrupting clean water supplies in some governorates. Relevant UN agencies and NGOs who work in the WASH sector responded where necessary with water trucking, provisions of chemicals for water treatment facilities, and sanitation services.

The Government of Iraq and Kurdistan Regional Government acted as first responders, with some governorates requesting additional support from humanitarian partners. Assistance being provided includes cholera preparedness, water purification, and emergency medical assistance.


UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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