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Iraq: Humanitarian Snapshot (as of 22 November 2015)

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Iraq faces a complex, and growing humanitarian crisis with at least 8.7 million Iraqis requiring humanitarian assistance. This includes about 3.2 million people who have fled their homes since January 2014. While people have dispersed to more than 3,500 different locations in the country, nearly 50 per cent are hosted in three governorates: Anbar, Baghdad and Dahuk. Over 440,000 people have returned to newly accessible areas, but have found widespread destruction and continue to require humanitarian support. Compounding the situation is the ongoing cholera outbreak and heavy rains in late October that flooded several areas and affected about 84,000 internally displaced people in over 40 camps and sites in Baghdad and Anbar. Funding to respond to the expanding needs remain insufficient. Despite robust prioritization of the humanitarian appeal, full funding has not been forthcoming. The 2015 Humanitarian Response Plan is funded at 45 per cent to date.

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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