Iraq Humanitarian Fund (IHF): Iraq Humanitarian Fund 2020 1st Standard Allocation Factsheet (As of 24 August 2020)

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Launched in May, the Iraq Humanitarian Fund (IHF)’s 1st Standard Allocation of the year aims to support prioritized activities of the 2020 Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) that also contribute to the rapidly scaled-up COVID-19 prevention and response in Iraq, as identified by the Inter-Cluster Coordination Group. The $12.3 million allocation supports eight sectors through activities mainly in out-of-camp and other underserved locations. The IHF through this allocation is continuously pursuing the consortium approach aimed at enhancing the participation and response capacity of national partners; through this approach, a net funding of $3.6 million (30 per cent of the total allocation) is disbursed to national NGOs. The allocation funds 20 projects implemented by 42 partners including 20 international NGOs, 16 national NGOs, 5 UN agencies and 1 Red Cross/Red Crescent organization. At least 1.2 million people are targeted with humanitarian assistance.

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