Iraq Humanitarian Fund Dashboard (1 January - 31 October 2019)

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The Iraq Humanitarian Fund (IHF) is a pooled fund led by the Humanitarian Coordinator and managed by OCHA, supporting humanitarian partners to respond to the complex and dynamic crisis in Iraq. Between 1 January and 31 October 2019, the IHF received US$23.6 million in new donor contributions. After four allocations in 2019 to date and HFU management costs, the IHF has an approximate programmable balance of $8 million.

In 2019 so far, the IHF has disbursed $36.4 million under the year’s 1st Standard Allocation, $27.2 million under the 2nd Standard Allocation, $8.95 million under the 1st Reserve Allocation to support tent replacement in critical locations, and $340,000 under the second Reserve Allocation of 2019 to fund the NGO Coordination Committee for Iraq (NCCI) to support its Bureaucratic Liaison Unit helping NGOs with registration, visa, tax, importation, reporting and other governmental administrative requirements.

The 2nd Standard Allocation 2019 launched in August has so far allocated $27.2 million to 24 partners and 54 implementing partners prioritizing activities supporting unmet needs and gaps from the 2019 HRP as identified by the Periodic Monitoring Review and the OCHA Humanitarian Dashboard January to June 2019. The allocation promotes large-scale, NGO-led and multi-partner or consortium projects, prioritizing underserved IDPs in DTM locations within specified districts of concern. Consortia were also required to include capacity-building components where national NGOs were present, as well as sufficient dedicated resources and management for the consortium to function effectively. An allocation-specific factsheet providing further detail on the allocation will be shared in due course.

Starting in April and ending in August, the IHF conducted an outreach exercise through OCHA-Iraq sub-offices to identify potential new IHF partners working in key underserved locations and delivering key services. Through the process, the IHF interviewed 58 organisations, and identified 8 new partners (7 NNGOs, 1 INGO). After this process, and the re-assessment of partners who had not received funding in over two years, the IHF now has 112 partners.

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