Iraq: Humanitarian Dashboard (July 2017)



As of July, 148 humanitarian partners reached 5.5 million people in 857 geographical locations across Iraq, representing 89 per cent of the targeted population. Large-scale fighting in Mosul ended at the start of the month, but the needs of people affected by the conflict are immense. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) still controls the areas around Telafar, Hawiga and Qa’im in western Anbar, where an estimated 180,000 people are trapped. The bulk of humanitarian assistance was provided in Ninewa governorate, as the humanitarian community worked to address the needs of the people aected by the Mosul military operations in camps, out-of-camp settings and newly-accessible areas. Clusters continue to implement summerization activities, while preparations are already underway for the coming winter season. Humanitarian partners are preparing to respond to the upcoming military operations in Telafar, Hawiga and western Anbar with life-saving assistance. By mid-August, US$467 million of the $985 million requested in the 2017 Humanitarian Response Plan was received, representing 47 per cent of the total funds required. Only 16 per cent of projects are currently fully funded.


UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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