Iraq: Humanitarian crisis worsens

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A report from Caritas Iraq on the current water crisis in Basrah has raised the concerns of Caritas Australia.
Many of the 1.5million people living in Basrah are now forced to use river water for drinking and cooking after the water supply and electricity system was destroyed on the weekend by heavy bombing.

The river in Barah is polluted with waste and sewage and there is a great fear that disease will spread in the city. The severity of the situation will increase and the people of Basrah will continue to suffer until the water supply is restored.

The outskirts of Mosul and surrounding areas were under heavy bombardment earlier this week and some 4,000 people have now left their homes.

Through out this week the displaced people from Mosul have been moving to the town of Karakosh, 45 kilometres to the East of Mosul using all means of transportation available.

This means that altogether about 20 per cent of the population of this region is now on the move.

"Caritas Iraq have sent further medical supplies and food rations consisting of high protein biscuits, cooking oil, lentils and spaghetti for the displaced families," said Mr Jamie Isbister, Caritas Australia's Programs Coordinator.

Caritas Australia has launched the Humanitarian Crisis - Iraq Appeal to support the Caritas network to provide needed first aid to wounded civilians and to assist displaced people in Iraq and in neighbouring countries.

"Caritas Australia responded to calls from our international network Caritas Internationalis to assist the suffering civilians in Iraq. This imperative is prior to any political agenda of any government," Mr Isbister said.

Donations may be made by calling our hotline 1800 024 413, by secure online payment through the website, or may be posted to, Caritas Australia, 19 MacKenzie Street, North Sydney, 2060.

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