Iraq Humanitarian Crisis Emergency Appeal: "All Our Children"

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Working Together to Help Iraq's Children
For the last two decades, the children of Iraq have suffered at the hands of both internal and external forces. The Gulf War in 1991 and more than a decade of international sanctions followed on the heels of a protracted Iraqi war with Iran during the 1980s. Estimates of the number of children who have died range from 500,000 to more than 1 million.

This is a crisis of tragic proportions to which many people of faith in the United States are responding.

Church World Service is participating in a million-dollar coalition campaign called "All Our Children." The drive is a campaign to meet the critical ongoing health needs of Iraqi children for medicines such as antibiotics, as well as anesthesia, IV solution kits, and other important essentials.

CWS is being joined in this effort by other groups: the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC), Jubilee Partners, the National Council of Churches (NCC), Oxfam America, Sojourners, and Stop Hunger Now.

What Is Being Provided

In the "All Our Children" campaign, Church World Service is providing:

  • Blankets, Antibiotics and other medicines
  • First aid and personal hygiene kits, Medical equipment
Under the supervision of international relief organizations and local partners, "All Our Children" is distributing the supplies to pediatric hospitals and programs.

For CWS, a Long-Term Commitment

Support for the people of Iraq - and particularly Iraq's children - is nothing new for CWS. We've had a long-term commitment to assist Iraq's most vulnerable people. Since 1991, CWS has provided more than $3.8 million in blankets, food, medical supplies, recovery kits, and other aid for families and children in Iraq. Recently, CWS has provided $308,000 worth of "Gift of the Heart" School Kits for distribution to Iraqi children, and has given cash grants to the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) for purchasing medicines and hygiene supplies.

We urge you to share out of our abundance to help save the lives of children in Iraq. Please send your generous contribution to:

Church World Service
All Our Children
Account #6801 P.O. Box 968
28606 Phillips St
Elkhart, IN 46514