Iraq: Humanitarian Access Snapshot (Oct-Dec 2021)


Humanitarian partners reported 55 access-related incidents during the fourth quarter of 2021; approximately 40 per cent were in Hawiga District within Kirkuk Governorate. Roughly 87 per cent of the reports comprised administrative restrictions on movement of humanitarian organizations. Almost 84,000 people in need were affected by the delays in assistance as a result of the reported incidents.

In Kirkuk governorate, which had the highest number of incidents, the incidents were related to Iraqi security forces manning checkpoints in Hawiga district not recognizing access authorizations by the National Operations Centre (NOC) and demanding that nongovernment organizations obtain local permits from the Kirkuk Operations Command (KOC). However, OCHA raised the issue with the governorate civil and security authorities, and the issue was resolved at the end of November. Since 1 December, there have been no access incidents reported in Kirkuk.

The number of reported incidents in the fourth quarter was similar to the previous quarter averages in 2021 and 66 per cent lower than the average reported in 2020 (avg. 160 incidents per quarter). However, as has been true throughout 2021, interference in the delivery of humanitarian aid continued to be reported, with seven incidents in Baghdad, Ninewa, and Diyala Governorates. The number of incidents of interference was slightly lower than the average from previous quarters in 2021 (avg. nine incidents per quarter). In these incidents, organizations reported that security actors requested details of their employees, or activity details.


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