Iraq: Humanitarian Access Snapshot (As of 31 January 2021)

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Since October 2020, access conditions have generally improved in most governorates with the federal government’s launch of the national access authorization online platform. In January 2021, access conditions throughout most governorates in Iraq continued to improve compared to most months in 2020. There were 32 incidents reported, a 68 per cent increase in comparison with December. However, reported incidents were still approximately 39 per cent fewer than the monthly average from January to December 2020 (avg. 52 incidents per month).

All incidents were administrative restrictions on humanitarian aid, including several incidents that resulted in multiple humanitarian partners being impeded from accessing or conducting activities. As a result, there were delays in assistance to densely populated areas with approximately 345,000 people in need in some areas in the governorates of Al Anbar, Kirkuk and Salah Ad-Din.

Al-Anbar Governorate had the highest number of incidents, with approximately 52 per cent of reports. However, the incidents were due to administrative difficulties and were mostly resolved through coordination with local authorities. In Kirkuk Governorate, conditions continue to be particularly challenging. The Kirkuk Operations Command (KOC) continues to demand that NGOs with valid National Operations Centre movement letters also obtain additional authorizations to operate in the districts of Hawiga and Daquq.

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