Iraq: Humanitarian Access Snapshot (as of 31 August 2021)

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Humanitarian partners reported 21 access-related incidents in 12 districts, with roughly 85 per cent comprising administrative restrictions on movement.
Additionally, there were two reported incidents of interference in the implementation of humanitarian activities and one reported incident of violence against humanitarian personnel, assets, and facilities.
Approximately 41,000 people in need were affected by the reported incidents.

As with the previous six months, the number of reported incidents in August was lower than the average reported in 2020, with 60 per cent fewer incidents reported than the monthly average from January to December 2020 (avg. 52 incidents per month). However, as has been true throughout 2021, there were a higher proportion of reported incidents characterized as interference in the delivery of humanitarian aid than previously seen in 2020. During August 2021, two partners reported that security actors requested names and personnel details of employees as a condition for continuing operations. In parallel, in a rare report of violence against humanitarian actors, three staff of an INGO were injured during Turkish military operations in and around Sinjar, in northern Ninewa. While it is not believed they were an intended target, such incident still demonstrates the risks inherent to humanitarian staff operating in Iraq.

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