Iraq: Humanitarian Access Snapshot (As of 30 April 2021)

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Humanitarian partners reported 14 access incidents in eight districts, with 74 per cent of reported access incidents constituting administrative restrictions on humanitarian activities and movements. Approximately 18,000 people in need were affected by the reported incidents. Five of the incidents (36 per cent) took place in Kirkuk governorate, where federal and local police and the Kirkuk Operational Command (KOC) continued to demand that NGOs with valid National Operations Centre movement letters also obtain additional authorizations to operate in the districts of Hawiga and Daquq.

Although the number of incidents in April was approximately half of those reported in the previous month and 73 per cent fewer than the monthly average from January to December 2020 (avg. 52 incidents per month), a higher proportion of the incidents were characterized as interference in the delivery of humanitarian aid, including three incidents in Ninewa governorate, in which the local authorities demanded that NGOs recruit staff from the area of operations. In Diyala, a checkpoint manned by Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) requested percentage of humanitarian cargo from an NGO.

Finally, in one incident that took place in East Mosul (Ninewa), three armed members of a Popular Mobilization Force (PMF) group forcibly entered the premises of an NGO and threatened staff members, demanding that the organization cease operations in the area. They accused the staff of supporting people with perceived affiliations with extremist groups.

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