Iraq: Health Cluster Bulletin No. 8 - August 2020

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In addition to the Key Messages developed and disseminated by the Iraq Health Cluster in July on post-lockdown COVID-19 preventive measures, WHO and the Cluster disseminated the following Eid guidance documents to the partners:


On 5th August, OCHA Ninewah shared with partners the letter from the Prime Minister’s Office, dated 25th July 2020, to the Joint Operations Command with instructions that the access letters issued by the National Operations Center (NOC) are the only official letters required to facilitate the movement of vehicles and personnel of international organizations and civil society organizations in Baghdad and other governorates according to the specific durations specified by the NOC letters.

The first COVID-19 case among IDPs in camps in Dohuk was confirmed on 5th August in Chamishko camp. The individual, who works with the Iraqi Forces, returned to the camp on 1st August. Test sample was collected, but he was allowed to enter the camp until the results were out (after 48 hours).
Despite instructions by DoH Dohuk and the guidance provided by WHO and the Cluster, self-isolation measures were not adhered to. The individual got into contact with other IDPs while awaiting test results. The camp went under lock down, after his test results came out and contact tracing/testing was initiated.

The Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office of WHO was working on updating the WHO interim guidance note on Health system response to COVID-19 in the context of internally displaced persons, refugees, migrants and returnees in EMR region. Iraq provided some technical inputs to the document by the deadline of 6th August.

Medair ended their health programming in Iraq during August. The final activity report against the HRP 2020 from the locations they were supporting was submitted to the Health Cluster during the month.