Iraq: Health Cluster Bulletin No. 6 (June 2022)


COVID-19 update

The cumulative number of COVID-19 cases in Iraq, as of Epi Week 25 (ending on 26th June 2022) is 2,339,148, with 25,231 associated deaths. On 20th June, the Federal MoH released a statement warning of the start of a new wave of COVID-19 cases in Iraq. Community transmission is now categorized as “moderate” and is moving to “substantial”. The Case Fatality Ratio (CFR) and the hospital mortality rate remain within an acceptable range, however. Meanwhile, vaccine uptake also remained low; as of 30th June 2022, a total of 18,703,311 vaccine doses were administered countrywide, i.e., 306,191 doses since the last update of 31st May. Out of the overall number, 10,869,361 (37.3%, an increase of 0.6% since the last update) of the target population (>12 years) received the first dose; 7,634,899 (26.2%, an increase of 0.4% since the last update) received the second dose; and 199,051 (0.68%, an increase of 0.05% since the last update) received the third dose. The recommendations to contain this wave of infections remain as below: • Vaccination
• Implementation of prevention and control measures
• Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE)
• Close monitoring of the epidemiological situation
• Using of the rapid-antigen tests

Rooted in Trust: Iraq Rumor Bulletins

Rooted in Trust (RiT) is a USAID Bureau of Humanitarian Affairs (BHA)-funded project by Internews that aims at countering the unprecedented scale and speed of the spread of rumors and misinformation on COVID-19 health response and COVID-19 vaccines among vulnerable populations affected by humanitarian crisis.