Iraq: Health Cluster Bulletin No. 4 (April 2022)


A. COVID-19 update

The cumulative number of COVID-19 cases in Iraq, as of Epi Week 17 (1st May 2022) is 2,325,180, with 25,211 associated deaths. The overall trend of the cases and deaths is declining in the country, after the fourth wave ended around Week 10. There is also a decrease in the number of PCR tests being conducted, which could be one of the factors affecting the number of cases.
In addition, vaccination uptake was also low compared to previous months; this could be attributed to the holy month of Ramadan. As of 30th April 2022, a total of 18,096,031 vaccine doses were administered countrywide. Out of these, 10,530,720 (36.1%) of the target population (>12 years) received the first dose, 7,396,571 (25.4%) received the second dose and 168,740 (0.58%) received the third dose.

B. 2022 Health Cluster Humanitarian Response Plan dashboard

The Cluster has developed the 2022 Monitoring & Interactive Dashboard, which aims to visualize the operational presence and activities of health cluster partners in Iraq by reporting month and location. The purpose of this dashboard is to act as a tool for visibility and advocacy, as well as to support project planning activities and avoid duplication of services. The data is based on partners’ timely reporting to ActivtiyInfo. The dashboard has the following pages:

• Page one: Introduction and methodology

• Page two: Overall response by indicator

• Page three: Cluster target and partners’ response

• Page four: Partners’ response by geographical area

• Page five: Reporting status by partner by month

• Page six: Areas of intervention per partner per location (Who is doing What, Where - 3Ws)

This dashboard is Health Cluster-specific; HRP 2022 products developed by OCHA Iraq can be found here.