Iraq: Health Cluster Bulletin No. 06 - June 2021

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Iraq Drought situation

  • Water shortages are being observed in some governorates of the country, with levels falling below the average for 2020 and 2021. This is an alarming situation due to associated challenges in the humanitarian context, some of which are:

  • During May 2021, around 8% people in Ninewa and Kirkuk had insufficient consumption. (national average for May 2021 was around 4%) – (source:
    WFP Hunger Monitoring)

    • Decrease in water provision to households, increase in water cost and increased reliance by households on purchased water

    • Poor hygiene practices leading to potential disease outbreaks – increased spread of COVID-19, AWD/cholera

All these issues signal the need to maintain timely EWARN reporting, strengthen the national surveillance system and revise contingency plans such the existing Cholera Preparedness and Response Plan, to contextualize it to the COVID-19 situation.