Iraq: Health Cluster Bulletin No. 02 - February 2021

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  • OCHA coordinated a meeting between clusters on 2nd February 2021, to discuss and fine-tune inputs to the Informal Sites Guidance Note document, that is being developed to address needs of the IDPs who remain in displacement outside official camps. This document consists of two sections:

    • Humanitarian, for which clusters were asked to provide feedback to guide humanitarian partners on activities that should already be included within the 2021 HRP - Durable Solutions, which would be provided by the Durable Solutions Technical Working Group
  • In the wake of the Health Cluster raising the issue of cash for health programming with the Cash Working Group, targeting IDPs and returnees in areas with lack of service-availability, and seeking their support in developing an SOP on the same, the Health and Protection clusters had a meeting on 3rd February 2021 to:

  1. Identify partners who could propose integrated health/protec tion interventions and discuss consortium lead approach in case of multiple-partner interventions

  2. Discuss if and how the Protection Cluster could contribute to the ongoing discussion and planned SOPs between Health Cluster and Cash Working Group

A subsequent meeting was held between the two clusters and Cash Working Group on 15th February 2021 and the Health Cluster presented the draft concept during the Cash Working Group meeting on 23rd February 2021.

  • The WASH Cluster conducted COVID-19 Lessons Learned Workshop (2nd and 3rd February 2021) with the purpose to take stock of the pandemic situation and response in the country, presented the findings from the WASH Cluster Survey and looked into what worked, did not work and could be improved. The Health Cluster participated on the second day of the workshop and provided insights to facilitating better collaboration between the two clusters, as well as facilitation of a wider participation in the COVID-19 taskforces under individual clusters.