Iraq: Erbil Governorate - Baharka Formal Camp Profile (17 November 2014)

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Baharka camp reopened in July 2014 as a temporary camp for internally displaced persons (IDPs) who had fled from armed groups. It is now a permanent IDP camp. The main areas of origin of the resident IDPs are Mosul and Hamdaniyah Districts, Ninewa Governorate.

Primary data was collected through household surveys from 13 - 17/11/2014. Additional information from camp managers, marked (*) is correct as of 13/11/2014.

Key Developments

Since the last camp profile (published 22 Oct) four community shelters outside of the warehouse have been replaced with tents. In this assessment 93% of tents had a secondary cover, but no tents had a winterised plinth.

99% of assessed households reported that they had sufficient water for purposes other than drinking and 89% felt they had enough drinking water in the past week.

13% received a food package in the past month containing less than a standard Family Food Parcel or equivalent (staple carbohydrates, dry pulses, oil, sugar and iodized salt).

12% of households reported having a member with a mental or physical disability, 26% included a pregnant or lactating woman and 14% had a member who was missing civil documents.