Iraq Education Cluster Mosul Humanitarian Response Sitrep No 21: 26 February 2017

Situation Report
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Key figures

  • 56,605 school age children are among the recently displaced people by the Mosul offensive since 17th of October. While the current returns to the newly retaken areas were reducing IDP numbers, the fears of hostilities in Western Mosul are increasing the new arrivals in the camps.

  • 29,621 children (46.9% females) are accessing non-formal education in the 25 Temporary Learning Spaces established in the camps, with a significant number more to be established over the coming weeks.

  • 6,915 (50.4% girls) children are accessing formal education in the 12 formal school spaces established in the camps in Hasansham U3, Hasansham M2 and Khazer M1.

Humanitarian needs

  • Limited number of DMA accredited agencies who are authorized to deliver Mine Risk Education sessions in schools. Education Cluster is seeking solutions with Mine Action Sub-Cluster, including the usage of DMA stickers/posters in temporary learning spaces, until MRE sessions can be arranged.

  • Urgent clearance of explosive hazards needs to be undertaken in newly accessible areas where schools are being reopened by Ninewa Directorate of Education (DoE).

  • Shortage of Federal MoE teachers in the camps is limiting the opening of the completed formal learning temporary learning centres. DoE Ninewa is responsible for the operating of these formal tented schools, in terms of providing federal MoE teachers and curriculum textbooks. Solutions being sought with DoE to fill such gaps.

  • Minor repairs and rehabilitations of schools in Eastern Mosul is needed to ensure that schools are safe for re-opening (including windows, doors, clean-up of glass and rubble, servicing of school water supply, fuel for heaters, etc.).

  • Among people recently displaced by the Mosul emergency, 56,605 are school age children (35% of the population coming from eastern Mosul city). Of these, 26,985 are currently not accessing any form of education