Iraq: Earthquake Emergency Plan of Action Operation Update DREF n°: MDRIQ009

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Summary of major revisions made to emergency plan of action:

This operational update communicates a 3 month, no-cost extension to allow completion of procurements. The procurements have been completed and the final report is to be submitted before 31 August 2018.
The National Society’s emergency operation was completed by end of December 2017, and progress against the operational plan reflects this. The DREF allocation is for replenishment of stocks used and related costs in the national society’s earthquake response. Delays in replenishing these stocks were due to lengthy procurement procedures, including rigorous quality checks and accountability processes. This operation update is extraordinarily being published after the end of the operational timeframe. While the operation was extended to allow finalization of procurement according to DREF procedures and guidelines, an internal process flow error prevented publishing the operations update in time. Measures have been taken to avoid similar incidents for DREF operations.

Description of the disaster

On 12 November, a 7.3 magnitude earthquake hit the northern border region between Iran and Iraq. The National Society reported the following number of people affected:

• 10 people dead • 469 injured • 3,025 people directly affected • 2,475 people indirectly affected