Iraq: Displacement Tracking Matrix - Emergency Tracking - Mosul Operations Data Snapshot: 4 November 2016

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Total number of individuals currently displaced: 22,224 Emergency tracking numbers are not cumulative. They reflect a snapshot of displacement on the day of reporting. The number of individuals is calculated by multiplying the number of identified families by six, which is the average size of an Iraqi family.

Notes from November 3:

• Further data validation clarified that not all the 228 families that recently reached Anbar were from Mosul district. Some of these families, originally form Al Hatra and Merkaz Al Ba’aj (Ninewa) are still tracked, but under different ETs. The decrease in Anbar should not be read as returns;

• Approximately 141 families from Baashiqa sub-district passed through Mandan screening site and moved into Zelikan camp;

• Approximately 85 families were displaced from Al Namroud village to Al Hood village, where they are currently living with host families;

• Approximately 21 families received sponsorship and moved from Qayyarah Jad’ah camp to host families. They are reported to be with relatives in Al Qayara Center;

• DTM staff has been informed of the arrival to Hasansham M1 (MODM) screening site of approximately 150 families, who reportedly reached the camp with private vehicles, in addition to approximately 900 individuals transported by buses. The process of screening was ongoing as of yesterday night and no precise figures could be provided. The figures will be verified today and added to the next update.