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Iraq ‑ Complex Emergency Fact Sheet #1, Fiscal Year (FY) 2022



4.1 MILLION Number of People in Need of Humanitarian Assistance
UN – March 2021

2.4 MILLION Number of People in Acute Need
UN – March 2021

1.2 MILLION Number of IDPs
IOM – September 2021

252,591 Number of Syrian Refugees Sheltering in Iraq
UNHCR – November 2021

4.9 MILLION Number of IDP Returns Since 2014
IOM – September 2021

  • The majority of Iraq’s remaining IDP population is experiencing protracted displacement, with more than 90 percent displaced for three or more years.

  • The GoI reclassified the AAF IDP camp as an informal settlement in early November, leaving just one formal IDP camp, Jed’dah 5, in federal Iraq.

  • COVID-19 infections and mortality rates continued to decrease in early December following the launch of a mass vaccination campaign in late November.