Iraq: The Commission of Integrity Annual report for 2008

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The most important indicators for 2008

1- In the investigative field:

A) The Commission received in 2008 only (5031) report, presented to the examining magistrate filed (3027) criminal suit and sentenced 97 accused in corruption under 79 conviction, the number of arrest warrants this year (630) arrest warrant while the number of those arrested in connection with state investigators on charges of corruption in this year (417) detainees.

B) The number of cases referred to the trial court (crimes - misdemeanors) during year 2008 (382) case compared¹ with a case in previous years which were respectively (26,296,195) during (2004-2005, 2006-2007).

C) The number covered by the amnesty law during 2008 (2772) accused by issue of corruption.

D) The number of suspended legal proceedings against them for non-stop final approval of the competent minister in 2008 (70) employees by issue of corruption.

E) The number of information received to the state since its founding until31/12/2008 (17610) and presented to judge (12975) case referred to the criminal court (937) case and the number of those convicted in corruption cases governed (396) since the founding of the Commission, including five former ministers.

F) The number of suspended legal proceeding against them for nonstop final approval of the competent minister since the Commission established until 31\12\2008 (211) employee s accused of the issue of corruption.

G) Discovery (317) of false testimony provided by candidates to the provincial elections the Independent electoral Commission of (14) on the basis of the formation of a working group to examine it and move the criminal complaints against the fake's testimony.

2. In the field of law proposal was prepared three laws, which are:

A) Law of the integrity

B) Anti corruption act

C) Law of the deletion of paragraph (B) of article (136) of the code of criminal procedure no. (23) Of (1971) Amended.