Iraq: AoC project update 23 Apr 2004

Originally published
All current AoC projects are continuing:
Kerbala Pediatric: (Project 12): This project was halted from April 5 to April 14 due to security concerns. Otherwise the project continues and is going well. Donna and Paul have an interim report with photos. (I am not attaching due to the size.) Premiere Urgence currently has three expatriate staff in Baghdad with a fourth expected to return tomorrow. PU is very much in the minority in terms of having expat staff in Baghdad. I think this project is deserving of a story as no significant story has been done to date on it.

Theater for Children (Project 9): This project is currently in its third phase of funding, which began March 1 and ends end of May. This is deserving of a story update especially in light of the geographical reach the project now has. Find the third phase proposal attached. An updated list of institutions is also attached. (The original third phase proposal gives geographical areas, the updated list names particular institutions. Note that PU is subcontracting out to an Iraqi NGO the task of identifying specific institutions. This demonstrates PU's ongoing commitment to local capacity building.) I also have many new photos, but they are very similar to previous photos. This third phase has not been without challenges. The group performed a number of performances in Basra in early March, but then had to suspend it's activities for a couple weeks due to the unrest during Ashura. They have since continued performances, spending this past week in Mosul.

Bait al Tuful Emergency rehab (Project 13): This project is about 80% completed and has not been affected by the current situation. EMDH expat staff are all in Amman but they continue to communicate with their large and experienced national staff. I don't have any photos at the moment.

Water Tankering in Hay Tarik (Project 11): APN requested additional funding 15 March (request attached) to be able to continue watertanking (which began 17 July 2003) until all the houses in Hay Tarik are on line with the new water treatment system. APN expat staff are in Amman but they are in daily contact with their national staff in Baghdad.

Shunts Project (Project 14): This project with AMI is moving ahead. The bonewax and surgicell were ordered in Amman and are being delivered to Baghdad. We've just placed the order for the shunts from Medtronic, through IMA, today. I'm pleased that we've been given a donation of ten shunts (a value of about 10% of the $25,000 shunt order). These shunts should be in Baghdad within two weeks. I can resend this proposal if necessary. AMI expats are in Amman, but their national staff are active in Baghdad.

AoC response to current situation (Project 15): AoC has made $5,000 available for an emergency medical response due to the current violence. AMI will be receiving these funds. Attached is a list of items to be purchased by these funds (supplementary list). AMI plans to purchasethe items in Baghdad. The needs were identified by the Min. of Health and NGOs still active and doing assessments in Falluja and Najaf. Final distribution will be based on needs, and safe access to those needs, whenthe supplies have been purchased.

IHDO Proposal: This project, approved during the 6 March conference call is on hold. IHDO is an Iraqi NGO and the project requires some more discussion with IHDO's Board. This will need to wait until I return to Baghdad.