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Three projects were recently funded by the All Our Children campaign:
Medicines and medical equipment in primary health clinics in greater Baghdad - The new project provides $50,000 in support for medicines and medical equipment in several primary health clinics in greater Baghdad administered in partnership with the German-based non-governmental organization (NGO) Architects for People in Need-Iraq (APN).

Improving the living conditions of vulnerable children - To provide for basic needs of children affected by the war, offer rudimentary assistance to children living in institutions, and identify and register children separated from their families with the aim of reunion with their families as quickly as possible.

Emergency Assistance to health clinics - This project will supply medicines and other basic medical services to four primary health care centers and clinics in Saddam City and New Baghdad. On average these four clinics combined treat 1,850 patients daily, 70-80 percent are children. From 10 April until 20 April this year they treated 20,350 patients.

About the All Our Children Campaign:

People to People

"All Our Children" is a people-to-people campaign by a small group of mostly faith-based agencies in the U.S. including Lutheran World Relief.

Medical Million

The goal is to raise one million dollars for life-saving medicines and medical supplies needed now in Iraq. LWR is inviting contributions toward the campaign. Click here to visit the "All Our Children" website,

To Save Thousands

Gifts from people in America will be used to help children in Iraq survive infectious diseases and widespread deprivation. The campaign will fund vaccines, antibiotics, surgical sets and nutritional supplements for vulnerable infants and nursing mothers. Non-governmental organizations will deliver the supplies to hospitals and health clinics in areas of acute need.

Former President Jimmy Carter and Mrs. Rosalynn Carter endorse the new initiative. In a February 12 statement, the Carters said the campaign aims to "save thousands of Iraqi children who are victims of an international situation for which they have no responsibility".

Faith and Action

A first $90,000 shipment of antibiotics, emergency medicines and medical supplies has reached Iraq for use in two Baghdad hospitals. A second $47,000 project to prevent diarrhea through better hygiene is ready to begin. The initiative includes Mennonite Central Committee, Sojourners magazine, Church World Service, Jubilee Partners, National Council of Churches, Stop Hunger Now, Oxfam America and LWR.

Donations may be sent to LWR marked: " All Our Children, Iraq."

To contribute to LWR, you may call 1-800-LWR-LWR-2, or mail a check or money order to:

Lutheran World Relief
"All Our Children, Iraq"
P.O. Box 17061
Baltimore, MD 21298-9832