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Iraq: 3RP Monthly Update - September 2018: Shelter

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  • 245,000 Syrian Refugees expected by end-2018

  • 250,184 currently registered

  • 22 million (10% of total) required for Shelter

  • 56% received


  1. Sustainable and gender-appropriate access to adequate shelter and infrastructure is available, improved, and maintained in camps:
    There are 18,000 shelter plots in KR-I hosting 91,179 individuals. 37% of the refugee population in KR-I lives in 9 refugee camps. In the camps there are generally 3 types of shelter: 2% of households live in emergency shelters (tents without concrete slab with communal latrine and shower). 10% of households live in shelter plots improved with concrete slabs, a protection wall around the tent, family kitchen, and a family latrine and shower with water, sewage, and electricity networks. 88% of households live in shelters that have been upgraded either by UNHCR and NGO's, or by the refugees’ themselves, to more durable shelters with concrete slabs, concrete block walls of 2.6m, a sandwich panel roof, a family kitchen, and a family latrine and shower with water, sewage and electricity networks.

  2. Sustainable adequate shelter and community infrastructures are available for vulnerable Syrian refugees and impacted members from the host community. 63% of the refugee population in KR-I live outside camps.
    97% of households living outside the camps live in houses or apartments.
    84% of households do not share their accommodation.
    13% of households share their accommodation with others.
    2% of households live in unfinished buildings.
    1% of households live in other type of shelter.