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Iraq: 3RP Monthly Update - September 2017: Shelter

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The sector’s main interventions are in camps where about 96% (17,240 shelter units) are improved and work continues for the remaining 4% (589 shelter units). Also, about 75% (13,499 shelter units) are upgraded and 25% (4,330 shelters) remain.

Erbil camps: Improvement works for the remaining 315 shelter units are at their final stages. Care and maintenance for camp facilities (fences, UN offices, roads, open channels, community centres and expansion of shopping area) are ongoing.

Duhok camps: A multi-functional team (MFT), in close coordination with Domiz 1 Camp Management, completed the second phase of the technical shelter assessment (920 households) to upgrade 1,500 shelter units (1,200 in Domiz 1 and 300 in Domiz 2). This upgrading work will be funded by the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED).

Through providing construction material and cash for work (labour payment). In Gawilan camp, a total of 457 out of 483 shelter units have been upgraded.

The second objective is to provide shelter assistance to vulnerable refugees and impacted community members living out of camps (in urban and rural areas). The majority (62%) of refugees live out of camps in rented dwellings. In comparison to camp dwellings, the sector has been less active. To fill this gap of assistance, multiple processes are in place.

• Quick Impact Projects or Community Support Projects: So far, four projects out of 14 projects (six health, three WASH, three education and one community-based project) completed and the remaining are under implementation to which the shelter sector has provided technical support and has monitored the implementation