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Iraq: 3RP Monthly Update - September 2017: Basic Needs


Overview Basic Needs Assistance:
January to September 2017

In camps:

  • 20,343 (92% of the target for winter 2016-17) households received seasonal support through cash or in-kind assistance.

  • 6,816 (50% of end year target) households received core relief items (newly arrived families and families whose basic needs items required replacement). The assistance is provided through cash or in-kind.

Outside camps:

  • 5,319 (35% of end year target) households benefited from the Multipurpose Cash Assistance (MPCA) program: Some $ 2.8 million has been disbursed.


• In camps: 2,508 families received Core relief items including clothes for children.

• Out of camps: 177 vulnerable families received unconditional cash assistance ($ 200 each).

• Regular assistance to cover refugees' basic needs continued through cash or in-kind in both camps and non-camp areas (targeting new arrivals, as well as refugees who require old items be replaced but lack sufficient means).

• Distribution of children clothes took place in camps: Gawilan camp in Duhok,
Kawergosk and Qushtapa camps in Erbil.

• Preparations for the 2017-18 winter assistance programme have begun, with an emphasis on the provision of cash to both refugees in and outside of camps. The lower cash grant amount in camps will be complemented by the distribution of core relief items to those populations identified as having such needs.

• In the framework of the 3RP plan, four agencies, namely UNHCR, UNICEF, IOM and PWJ, are preparing to appeal for some $ 33 million to cover the needs of the sector over the period 2018-19. Objectives are to cover refugees' basic requirements as they arrive or through seasonal support, and dedicating special attention to the needs of women and children.