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Iraq: 3RP Monthly Update - March 2015: WASH




Domiz 1 camp: Access to safe water varies from sector to sector, since only some are connected to the water network while others depend on water trucking. There are still families sharing one latrine this varies between 2 and 4 Families per latrine. The transition to the local management for increased sustainability under the resilience objective of the 3RP is currently been planned.


All camps ACF continues the clean-up campaigns.

Qushtapa camp: Relocation of families started at the end of the month, families were provided with keys to their sanitation facilities as they were arriving to the new location.

Kawergosk camp: camp, and the repairs in the water network are on-going. Water trucking is being provided as an interim measure until the works are finished.

Basirma camp: There is not sustainable water source; people depend on water trucking for drinking and borewells with saline water for domestic use.

Darashakran camp: PWJ secured some funding for starting the works of the grey water system, but this is not enough to fulfil the requirements of the site.

Sulaymaniyah: Arbat all WASH facilities are complete for sectors A, B and C. In sectors D and E the pump connected to storage tank is expected to be connected to the electricity by mid -April 2015.