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Iraq: 3RP Monthly Update - March 2015: Livelihoods



Social Cohesion & Sustainable livelihood for Syrian refugee and host communities cover

  1. Income generation oportunities and 2. Employement

1-Income Generation opportunities:

Increased employment opportunities through income generation/employment creation activities. Number of beneficiaries: 129 (105 in Erbil and 24 in Sulaymaniyah ) as per following :

In Kawergosk camp 14 beneficiaries received 7 Enhancement In-Kind Grant packages for their joint Small Businesses, the packages was to promote successful established businesses those required some additional assistance, the business enhancement packages dedicated for successful established businesses which required additional assistance by enhanced shop design which entails investments into existing business premises, as well as improving marketplaces as community spaces.

In Basirma Camp the income generation activity was delivered through sewing cash for work method for 36 Syrian Refugee women as direct beneficiaries.

The aim of the activity is to empower women economically by creating income opportunities through income generation/cash for work program. The program specification is to target females heading households in order to enable them support their families in the absence of male breadwinner.


Facilitation mechanisms for job opportunities, vocational and business trainings provided (employability trainings, skills trainings, job portals, job newsletters, databases) . Number of beneficiaries: 502 ( 402 in Erbil and 100 in Duhok ).

In Gawilan camp 100 beneficiaries complete their Vocational Training courses in computer skills, hairdressing, barbering, welding, mobile repair and tailoring.

Assessement on employement: To collect information on pre-existing skills sets among refugees in camps in Erbil governorate, as assesement is conducted . Resultas of the assessment will provide guidance on how to link refugees to sustainable livelihood opportunities in the local labor markets.