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Iraq: 3RP Monthly Update - March 2015: Food



81% (84,126 persons) of all refugees registered in camps are assisted with food vouchers while 19% (19,989 individuals) were reached with individual food parcels.

Due to continued funding constraints, WFP maintained a reduced voucher value of US$19 per person.
Despite reductions, WFP injected US$1.6 million into the local economy through the voucher programme. The voucher value will remain at US$19 per person in April.

Preparations for the transition from food parcels to vouchers continued in Basirma and Qushtapa camps, Erbil governorate, where the construction of shops and voucher distribution points is ongoing.
WFP plans to start voucher assistance in the camps in April and May, respectively.

An Expression of Interest for Retailers was launched in early March for the remaining two camps in the KR-I, Arbat (Sulaymaniyah governorate) and Gawilan (Duhok governorate). The transition to vouchers in these camps is expected to take place in the summer of 2015. By then the food voucher system will be in place in the 9 camps in KRI.

In Al-Obaidi camp, Anbar governorate, despite repeated efforts to deliver food to the camp, WFP was unable to deliver individual food parcels to Al-Obaidi due to ongoing insecurity. As a result, no distributions of in-kind food took place. UNHCR (through local partner) provided complementary food assistance, a total of US$11,235 to 749 refugees (US$ 15/refugee).

An Addition of two pieces of bread/refugee/day are provided to 868 persons, including 112 unregistered persons.