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Iraq: 3RP Monthly Update - March 2015: Basic Needs

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Distribution of winter assistance was completed in March. Distribution of NFI was limited as numbers of new arrivals were reduced due to restrictions on the border crossings of Ibrahim Khalil and Peshkhabour

Duhok Governorate:

Winterisation: distribution of UNHCR winter assistance kits was completed during the first week of March with a final 4193 kits distributed. German Red Cross distributed winter kits to 460 families. IOM provided winter kits to 1270 families in Sheikhan and Sumel none camp areas and to 561 families in Gawilan camp. 1500 none camp families in War City and Domiz collective received 40 liters of kerosene per family from a combination of German Red Cross, Save the Children International and Peace Winds Japan.

New arrivals: 101 families arrived at Gawilan camp. 61 families remained in Gawilan and were allocated shelter and NFI kits. 50 families relocated elsewhere once registered, receiving a basic NFI welcome kit.

Post distribution monitoring was started by UNHCR supported by Peace Winds japan and Un Ponte Per

Erbil Governorate:

Basirma camp: 176 families received winter assistance kits, 734 families received 40 liters of kerosene

Qushtapa camp: 1221 families received 40 liters kerosene. 2 new arrival families received CRI kits. Mass relocation is expected to take place in April following camp redevelopment.

Kawergosk camp: following camp redevelopment 488 families have been relocated to 512 tents newly erected on concrete slabs, 29 NFI kits were distributed to 29 new arrival families.

Darashakran: winterisation was complete with the distribution of a total of 45600 pieces of polystyrene boards to 1900 families. 6 cases of scabies were reported with the families having there "soft" NFI items immediately

Camp infrastructure, UNHCR in coordination with DRC, Camp Administration and ACF, continued with several assessments and instigated cleaning campaigns in all camps.

Sulaymaniyah Governorate:

Arbat Camp: UNHCR distributed 432 additional winter assistance kits

In coordination with UNHCR, YAO distributed 215 small trees to participating refugees as part of tree planting initiative intended to provide stress relief activities.

Anbar (Al-Obaidi camp): UNHCR through its partner (ISHO) has distributed 4300 pieces of sanitary napkins, 6420 pieces of baby diapers 2280 pieces of adult diapers,1690 pieces soap bars and 10000 liters of kerosene.