Iraq: 2018 Humanitarian Response Plan Overview - February 2018 [EN/AR]

from UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Published on 13 Feb 2018

Strategic Objectives

Protection remains the overriding humanitarian priority during 2018

During 2018, humanitarian partners are committed to doing everything possible to ensure that highly vulnerable Iraqis in the hardest-hit areas receive the protection and support they require, and are entitled to under international humanitarian law. On the basis of assessed needs, and working in close cooperation with national authorities and institutions, the partners represented in the Humanitarian Response Plan are committed to:

STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE ONE - Supporting highly vulnerable displaced families living in camps and substandard accommodation by providing services and assistance packages

STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE TWO - Supporting highly vulnerable displaced families who are willing to return to their homes, but are unable to do so without assistance by providing packages at their place of displacement and when they return home

STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE THREE - Reaching as many newly displaced and currently accessible families as possible by securing safe access and providing sequenced emergency packages

STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE FOUR - Supporting highly vulnerable people inadequately covered under the social protection floor by providing assistance packages and facilitating access to services

STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE FIVE - Supporting people brutalized by violence to cope and recover by providing specialized assistance and protection

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