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Iran receives Russian cargo for Iraqi refugee camp

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As the president met in the Kremlin with government members, Emergency Situations Minister Sergey Shoigu reported that the delivery to Iran of all the cargo necessary to set up a camp for refugees from Iraq had been completed Sunday night. "Four planes were involved in shipping the cargo for accommodating 5,000 refugees," added the minister.

He pointed to the fact that the work was being carried out in co-ordination with the Iranian leadership and the ultimate place of camp deployment is to be determined today. "All has been done for this," said Shoigu.

He also mentioned that the emergency situations ministry has embarked on arrangements for the second and third stages of the operation, including medical personnel shipment to Iran, if need be. Preparations are also under way for a precarious epidemiological situation, which might erupt, given the specific climatic conditions. This will be a special sanitary regime, underscored Shoigu.


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