IOM-Iraq Special Report: Anbar displacement 23 April 2015

Situation Report
Originally published


Mass displacement has occurred in Anbar governorate since clashes between Iraqi Security Forces and ISIL intensified around the govenorate’s regional capital of Ramadi. IOM Iraq’s Displacement Tracking Matrix’s currently assessed numbers suggest approximately 96,672 persons displaced from Anbar since 15 April.

The majority of those displaced, more than 10,000 families, have fled to Baghdad governorate to seek aid and refuge from the violence. The new arrivals joined the over 350,000 IDPs already in Baghdad Governorate, displaced since January 2014.

Many of these displaced persons were forced from their homes as a direct result of violence and were not able to bring essential items with them. Some even fled their homes without identity papers, requiring sponsors from Baghdad governorate to gain access through Bezaibez Bridge crossing. Acting quickly, IOM has already installed shelter or distributed non-food item (NFI) kits in locations in and around Baghdad, including Bezaibez crossing, Abu Ghraib, Kuireesh, al Khathra and Hay al Jam’eh.

IOM Iraq staff are working around the clock to distribute non-food item aid and shelter in close coordination with the Government of Iraq and other UN agencies.

IOM further plans to scale up the response in Baghdad governorate to distribute more life-saving aid. IOM Iraq has distributed more than 4,100 family NFI kits in Baghdad Governorate this year – part of the more than 110,000 kits distributed to vulnerable IDPs country-wide since January 2014.