IOM Iraq Situation Report: Mosul Response Update #15 [EN/AR]

Situation Report
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Migration Context: Mosul

As of 25 January 2017, 160,458 persons were displaced by Mosul military operations, a net increase of over 1,500 people over the reporting period.

As areas of eastern Mosul have been retaken by Iraqi Security Forces, people are attempting to return to their homes within the city and along the Mosul corridor.

Displaced people seeking to return to their homes are facing a complex and interrelated set of obstacles to return, including that they have found livelihoods in other areas that they are unwilling to disrupt, lack of available transportation to return, a lingering sense of insecurity, and people displaced from other areas currently residing in their homes.

More information can be found through the IOM DTM Emergency Tracking website.

IOM Response

Non-Food Items:

  • IOM Iraq continues to distribute winterized non-food item kits to affected populations. Over the reporting period, 638 full kits and 326 mini-kits were distributed to provide warm blankets, heaters and mattresses among other resources to protect people from the near-freezing temperatures.

  • IOM mobile medical teams continue to provide health consultations in camps and emergency sites. Mobile teams are able to respond to medical needs in areas that lack medical services or are supporting areas underserved by existing facilities. Additionally, IOM continues to provide health screenings to IDPs being processed through the Dibis checkpoint in Kirkuk.

  • Psychosocial activities continue in camps and emergency sites, with advances made to implement programming in additional camps. Activities in place address the mental wellbeing of camp residents, young and old.


  • 250 emergency shelter kits and 10 sealing-off kits were distributed to provide resources to displaced people to enhance their current living spaces to protect them from the winter weather.
    Emergency Sites:

  • In conjunction with partners and with the support of Iraq's Ministry of Migration and Displacement, IOM emergency sites at the Qayara Airstrip and in Haj Ali are collectively sheltering 3,921 families. Works to complete the existing plots and begin the second phase of expansion are underway.

  • 668 IDPs were transported from Dibis and Maktab Khaled screening sites to Laylan 1, Laylan 2, Daquq, and Nazrawa camps' in Kirkuk.