IOM Iraq Newsletter - Volume I 2012


Foreword from the Chief of Mission For the past several years, IOM has partnered with the Government of Iraq and other International Organizations to repair badly damaged infrastructure, implement economic development opportunities, and provide assistance in times of crisis for the people of Iraq. This support will continue into the new year, but as Iraq begins another chapter in its history as a country, IOM will also shift its operations accordingly.

In light of recent developments, peacebuilding and national reconciliation have become priorities for the Government of Iraq. IOM will partner with the Government to continue to address these concerns, in addition to continuing to support vulnerable communities and those who have been affected by forced migration. Working together, we hope to develop sustainable solutions for peace in a country that is recovering from over two decades of war.

IOM has had an uninterrupted presence in Iraq since 2003, and during this critical post-war period, will continue to stand in solidarity with the Iraqi people. It is now, more than ever, that the country needs the dedicated support of the international community.

Sincerely yours,
Michael Pillinger Chief of Mission, IOM Iraq