IOM Iraq Crisis Response Weekly Situation Report #3: Weekly Update for 31 August - 6 September

from International Organization for Migration
Published on 06 Sep 2014


IDP Families: 284,863

Individuals: over 1.7 million

Locations: 1,634

Displacement Tracking Matrix Highlights

Between January and September 2014, IOM Iraq’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) identified 1,709,178 internally displaced persons (IDPs) dispersed across 1,634 distinct locations in Iraq. As a result of massive displacement in August 2014, the government of Dahuk now hosts the largest IDP population of over 465,000 individuals, followed by Anbar province hosting over 340,000 IDPs. Over 88% of those displaced during August fled from the governorate of Ninewa. The Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) now holds 50% of all IDPs in Iraq, reaching an estimated 862,458 individuals.

DTM methodology tracks this information by drawing on key informants such as community leaders, muktas, local authorities and security forces to produce our reliable statistics. This methodology provides an up-to-date snapshot of displacement sites and populations. IOM continues to closely coordinate with the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) and the Ministry of Planning to maintain a shared, accurate understanding of displaced people across the three governorates of Dahuk, Erbil and Sulaymaniyah.

DTM remains a reliable and timely source of information regarding displaced persons in Iraq and assists IOM in assessing and meeting the needs of IDPs throughout the country.

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