IOM Iraq Crisis Response Weekly Situation Report #14: Weekly Update for 26/2 - 26/3

Situation Report
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Emergency Relief Distribution

SALAHADDIN - In response to the military campaign aimed at retaking the city of Tikrit, IOM Iraq has increased its presence in the governorate of Salahaddin, where currently 116,718 persons find themselves displaced by violence. Since the 26th of February, IOM Iraq has distributed 3,100 winterized non-food item (NFI) kits to displaced beneficiaries in Salahaddin governorate. These distributions have focused mainly on areas around and south of Tikrit, where displaced people have sought refuge from the fighting and are staying religious and public, as well as unfinished buildings.
Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) have warned that the operation to retake Tikrit will “not be quick, with areas in and around the city littered with bombs and booby-traps.” Having a presence across all 18 governorates of Iraq, IOM stands ready to provide assistance to those displaced by the conflict.
The most recent Displacement Tracking Matrix round has completed a preliminary identification of IDP’s needs - financial aid and access to income is the highest priority for 21.4% of the respondents, followed by shelter and housing (21%), NFI aid (17%) and food (16%). Lack of funding for emergency priorities, however, has impacted on the humanitarian response, and OCHA has advised that unless more funding is secured, life-saving assistance programmes will be seriously curtailed or terminated in Iraq.
Continued conflict in Iraq is expected to cause further displacement. Securing funding to assist displaced populations is a top priority. IOM Iraq is working together with government authorities to deliver life-saving humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable displaced persons, as access and security conditions allow.