IOM Iraq COVID-19 Response Overview #5 (13 October - 9 November 2020)

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IOM IRAQ COVID-19 Strategic Response Plan, February - December 2020, USD 20.45 million 501,733 Confirmed Cases | 58,120 Active Cases | 432,233 Cured Cases | 11,380 Death Cases

Government lockdown measures including restrictions on commercial activity as well as civilian movements remain in place across the country. The approach of local authorities to the enforcement of these restrictions varies across governorates.

In late September, the Government lifted all curfews that were in place across the country. Citizens across Iraq and within Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) remain permitted to travel between governorates. People can travel freely across governorates, including between federal Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.
International airports in Baghdad, Basra and Erbil remain open for commercial flights but are still running at lower capacity than prior to the pandemic. Flights for emergencies, medical evacuations, carrying cargo and chartering remained operational between 20 October - 2 November.

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