IOM Emergency Needs Assessment: Increased Incidents of Suicide Among Yazidis in Sinjar, Ninewa, July 2011

from International Organization for Migration
Published on 12 Oct 2011

International Organization for Migration (IOM) field staff conducted a psychosocial assessment in response to a recent rise in suicides among young Yazidis in the Sinjar district of Ninewa governorate. Monitors asked families questions regarding feelings of uneasiness, relations with neighbors, the threat of eviction, freedom of movement, and coping mechanisms for anxiety, as well as their priority needs and living conditions.

The following report reflects information compiled after an assessment of approximately 110 families during the month of July, of which 55 were Sunni Muslim Kurds, 50 Yazidi Kurds, and 5 Sunni Muslim Arab families. In addition, the monitors interviewed health sector professionals and found that there is no mental health assistance avail-able in Sinjar.

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