IOM Amman Press Briefing Note 1 Apr 2003: Sudan, Jordan, Syria

from International Organization for Migration
Published on 01 Apr 2003
SUDAN- First Group of Sudanese Evacuated from Iran Arrives in Khartoum - A group of 144 Sudanese nationals who yesterday was successfully evacuated by IOM staff from No Man's Land on the Iran-Iraq border, arrived safely last night in Khartoum.

The group, which included 109 adults, 28 children and 7 infants, boarded an IOM-chartered Mahan Air plane in Kermanshah for the four hour flight to Khartoum

An IOM medical officer, Dr. Kliyinko accompanied the group and reports that there were no major health problems during the flight apart from children suffering from airsickness.

Upon arrival in Khartoum, the group was met by IOM officials, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of the Secretariat of Sudanese Working Abroad. IOM's acting Chief of Office in Khartoum Salah Osman reports that many of the returnees were greeted at the airport by relatives. Others will receive assistance from the Secretariat of Sudanese Working Abroad.

The group had reportedly spent more than one week on the Iraqi side of the border before they were assisted by IOM staff who provided them with food, water and medical assistance and transported them directly to Kermanshah airport.

The operation was carried out in cooperation with BAFIA, the Iranian immigration department, and the Sudanese embassy in Tehran.

SYRIA - Sudanese Workers Fleeing Iraq to Fly Home Tomorrow - A group of 119 mostly Sudanese migrant workers who fled Iraq yesterday will be flown home to Khartoum tomorrow evening on board an IOM chartered flight.

The group includes one Eritrean national and one Chadian who will then be flown to Asmara and Djamena. The group arrived at the Abu Kamal border crossing on Monday morning and were met by IOM officials. The group was taken to the El Heri camp set up by the Syrian Red Crescent and the IFRC at Abu Kamal. IOM provided food for the newly arrived.

Another group of 60 Sudanese without travel documents remains on the Iraqi side of the border and Sudanese embassy officials will travel from Damascus tomorrow to facilitate their entry into Syria.

In the past week, IOM has helped 50 Moroccans, Sudanese and Egyptians fleeing Iraq to return home from Syria.

JORDAN - Third Country Nationals Continue Arriving at the Border - Last night three Egyptians, one Jordanian accompanied by six Palestinian children, two Spaniards and one British peace activist arrived at the Karama border with Iraq.

IOM provided transport from the border to the Ruweished transit camp, which is run by the Jordanian Red Crescent, with support from the IFRC and IOM. There are currently 244 people in the camp.

Update on Funding: IOM has received the first formal response to the Flash Appeal launched last Friday in New York. The Netherlands has contributed 1.5 million Euro for IOM operations.

IOM has also received US$7 million form the United States Government, including US$5 million from the USAID's Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA), for IDP activities, and an advance of US$1 million from the UN's Central Emergency Revolving Fund.

Against the request of US$1.9 million for the preparedness phase, IOM received contributions from Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States totaling US$1,121,757.

As part of the UN Flash Appeal IOM's requirements for the response phase covering the next six months amount to US$64,111,643 and is broken down as follows:

  • US$14,447,126 for assistance to third country nationals
  • US$6,164,517 for transportation assistance to refugees and asylum seekers
  • US$43,500,000 for IDP assistance in the Center and South
IOM's role in Iraq and neighboring countries includes:
  • Transportation and return home for an estimated 70,000 third country nationals fleeing Iraq

  • Transport of an estimated 135,000 refugees from border areas to camps in neighbouring countries
Under the overall coordination and responsibility of the UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq, IOM will assume the focal point role in the Center/South for camp management, registration and non-foods item gaps.
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