International Aid president in Jordan to assess needs of Iraqi refugees

SPRING LAKE, Mich., Feb. 27, 2003 - Myles Fish, president of International Aid, arrived today in Jordan to assess the needs of Iraqi refugees and the millions more who are expected to flee their country in the event of war.

Myles Fish is part of an International Aid fact-finding mission that will rely on its partner Christian and relief organizations in Jordan that are helping refugees already in the area. The information will help International Aid determine the specific types and amounts of supplies required to help Iraqi families who will be displaced from homes in the event of a war.

"The only reliable way to gauge the situation at the Iraqi border is to go over there and see for ourselves," Fish said. "This mission is key to evaluating the type and level of support to be provided by International Aid. We want to have the most needed supplies in adequate amounts to best serve refugees."

In the event of war, it is expected that 6 million Iraqis will be forced to leave their homes and flee to refugee camps in surrounding nations including Jordan, Syria, Turkey and Iran. Fish is evaluating an area in Jordan near the Iraq border where it's believed Iraqis from the central part of their country will flee.

As one of the world's leading faith-based agencies in providing healthcare and health-related support, International Aid is preparing to ship medicines and a medical clinic, provide a water-filtering system, and send supplies including tents, blankets and food.

Based in Spring Lake, Mich., International Aid is a health-focused Christian relief and development organization that provides for both the physical and spiritual needs of people worldwide. With expertise in emergency relief and post-war rehabilitation, International Aid has responded to crises around the world, including hurricanes in Honduras, earthquakes in El Salvador, and the refugee crisis in Kosovo. Last year International Aid provided an estimated value of $68 million in missionary assistance, medical support and relief to people in more than 54 countries.

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