IMC prepares for humanitarian crisis in Iraq

In preparation for a potential humanitarian emergency in Iraq, IMC has initiated logistical preparations and pre-positioning of staff, medical supplies and equipment. IMC has also joined other leading international partner agencies to facilitate information sharing and maximization of resources for a broad humanitarian response to the needs of vulnerable populations in the region.
IMC has established advance staff teams on the ground in Jordan and Kuwait and has identified rapid response trauma teams that are prepared to deploy within 48-72 hours. These teams include experts in health, nutrition, and water and sanitation in complex emergencies, as well as specialists in Iraqi and Middle Eastern culture.

IMC staff has undergone training of trainers on emergency response and public health approaches to chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons (CBRNE). With generous support from USAID/OFDA, IMC has initiated a partnership with UCLA to develop interactive, multi-media CBRNE training on CD-ROM. The CD-ROM will be distributed to humanitarian organizations in the region.